Connecticut Lake Side Homes

Kasson Grove, located in Bethlehem, CT, is a neighborhood of seasonal and year-round homes and cottages.

The Grove, as it’s commonly called by those who live there, consists of homes and cottages of folks who work in the surrounding area as well as those who choose the community as a serene getaway and vacation spot. Kasson Grove is situated along the shores of Long Meadow Lake.

Long Meadow Pond, referred to as The Lake, has "a surface area of 110 acres.  It has a maximum depth of 7 feet and an average depth of 4.2 feet.  At the northern end of the lake is an earthen dam.  With the exception of the northern half of the eastern shore that is  forested, the area around Long Meadow Pond is mostly developed. Most of the houses do not have shoreline buffers.  Public boat access is controlled by the Long Meadow Pond Association.  Twenty-two aquatic plants were found in Long Meadow Pond during [the] July 2005 survey..."
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kasson-grove 11-02-2013 2 med hr

A beautful autumn morning on Kasson Grove’s Long Meadow Pond.

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Throughout the year, neighbors, families and friend gather for fun social events.

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Getting ready for the Annual Neighborhood Annual Harvest Dinner

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A wonderful place to call home!

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