Kasson Grove Lakeside Living

Kasson Grove is a lakeside community in NW Connecticut. It is situated in Bethlehem, CT which is located in Litchfield County. The community is nestled along Long Meadow Lake which has a surface area of 110 acres.

The neighborhood is administered by a Board of Directors who are volunteers and are elected by property owners and voting residents. Election of the Kasson Grove Property Owners’ Association board members takes place at the association’s annual meeting in July.

Kasson Grove is a special taxing district, governed by a Charter and Ordinances in compliance with Connecticut statues, and maintains its own roads, waterfront, lake access, beach and parking areas. Its lake access and beach are not open to the general public but are privileges of the neighborhood.

Kasson Grove CT waterfront living

Residents enjoy the lake year round for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and picnicking.

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