Photos of Kasson Grove and Long Meadow Pond - Our Neighbors and Friends

The Beautification Committee Outdoes Themselves … Again!

December, 2022

IMG 9101

©2022 Carrie Scwabacher. All rights reserved.

The Long-Awaited Storage Shed Has Arrived!

September, 2022

IMG 1387

IMG 1388

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That Which Was Broken is Repaired

Thanks Carrie, Evelyn and Marshall!

IMG 3164

IMG 1389

IMG 1391

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September 17, 2022 - Manja! Italian Potluck

It was a magical time. Great people. Great food. Great decorations and setting!

IMG 7924


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July 23, 2022 - Dessert Raffle Social Event

Thanks to everyone who contributed a dessert. It was a fun time!

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IMG 0690

IMG 0691

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July, 2022

IMG 9717

Fresh sand on the beach
©2022 Mike Hastey. All rights reserved.

IMG 9715

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July 9, 2022 - Kasson Grove Property Owners Association Annual Meeting
©2022 Ruth Hogan. All rights reserved.

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IMG 7398

IMG 7396

May 29, 2022 - Memorial Day Weekend Brunch at the Grove

Photo Credit @Pam Petersen

September 22, 2018 - Oktoberfest at the Grove

Photo Credit @befoto

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September 14, 2018: 

IMG 5218 750

Photo by Beth Aviv

September 12, 2018:
Our Faux-Fox Is Causing Quite a Stir!


Photo Credit @befoto

Park Bench Dedicated to the Memory of Charlie Schwabacher - August, 2017

img 9613 med hr

IMG 9603

IMG 9612

Jim Juhas Grooms the Beach

IMG 2512

- Photo by Michael Hastey

Hot Dog Cookout: June 8, 2017

It was a fun time to get together after the Annual Meeting for a hot dog/potluck meal. Thanks to all who helped make it a wonderful time.

Grove Hot Dog Cookout 2017

Neighborhood Happy Hour: June 17, 2017

Neighbors came together for a relaxing, fun Happy Hour. We know they all had a good time since the group hung out together until dark.
- Photos by Mike Hastey


KGPOA Annual Meeting 2016

IMG 0763 copy

Saturday, August 9, 2016

Neighborhood Happy Hour, June 18, 2016

A casual, fun time was had by all who attended the afternoon happy hour. Complete with live jazz music, it was an amazing way to spend the beautiful day!
- Photos by Carrie Schwabacher

Kasson Grove Lakeside Community 500

Memorial Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast, May 29, 2016

It takes a lot of folks to help pull off the Kasson Grove Annual Memorial Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast. But once again, it was a huge success. Thanks to all of you who tirelessly give their time, energy and talents. The neighborhood social events couldn’t happen without your help!

Kasson Grove Breakfast Montage 1 800
Kasson Grove Pancake Montage 3 800

Harvest Dinner, October 3, 2015

- Photos by Bleacher + Everard Photography and Michael Hastey

Our Biggest Social Event of the Year: 
It was anyone’s guess whether or not the weather would hold out for our annual Harvest Dinner. Days and days of rain had been forecast. It turned out to be a just a chilly, somewhat windy day. But it didn’t impede our celebration. And what a celebration is was! There was food, food and more food. It was a record turnout and everyone had a great time. Thanks to all those who volunteered their time, talents and culinary expertise! And thanks to all of you who took time out of your business schedules to participate. What a way to close the summer and welcome autumn.  

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Road Improvement, September 28, 2015

- Photos by Jim Juhas

Kasson Avenue Improvement:
Thanks to everyone for their patience and support while Kasson Avenue was recently paved with chipseal. It’s one more way we’re all working together to make our neighborhood a safer, more pleasant place.

Kasson Avenue Chipsealed 2015

Yoga on the Beach, August 29, 2015

- Photos by TJ Caridi

A great time was had by those who attended what may be the first ever yoga practice on the beach in Kasson Grove (correct me if I’m wrong.) Who knows, this could be the beginning of something wonderful!

Kasson Grove Bethlehem Connecticut yoga on the beach

It wasn’t about how well we did. It was about what we each of us experienced ourselves.

Hot Dog Cookout, July 11, 2015

- Photos by Michael Hastey

We gathered for a hot dog lunch after the annual meeting. It was a fun time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. As usual, no one went away hungry!

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 007

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 008

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 016

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 004

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 013

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 014

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 001

Grove Hotdog Lunch 2015 019

Our own docking station. Move over Tesla!

Mexican Food Fiesta, June 20, 2015

Fiesta 1-500

Fiesta 4-500

Despite the weather, we had fun. The decorations were colorful and festive which helped brighten the rainy day. The make-your-own taco bar was a hit.

Memorial Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast 2015

A great time was had by all. The perfect way to kick off the summer season!

Waiting for Spring, 2015
- Photo by Beth Aviv

Waiting for Spring

Winter: March, 2015

- Photos by Michael Hastey

Winter 2015 005

Winter 2015 014

We’ve heard it said that spring will come.

Christmas, 2014
- Photos by Michael Hastey

Xmas arch

Kasson Grove White Xmas trees-500

Kasson Grove Christmas at night-500

stolen Xmas tree-400

Vandals stole the beautiful Christmas tree at our front entrance. But
they can’t steal our spirit of joy and community.

Halloween Night 2014

- Photo by Bobbi Juhas

Halloween 2014 Bobbi Yuhas

The Great Pumpkin

October,  2014

- Photo by Katie Bleacher

Glowing in the night, the Great Pumpkin arrived at the beach bringing joy and delight.

Kasson Grove Great Pumpkin

Harvest Dinner 2014

September 13,  2014

- Photos by Michael Hastey

The annual gathering of neighbors and friends to mark another year of friendship, family and good fortune. It turned out to be a very rainy day but we didn't let it dampen our spirits.

Kasson Grove Harvest Dinner 2014-750

Sweet & Salty Extravanza: An Afternoon of Snacks

July 12,  2014

- Photos by Jim Juhas

Neighbors got together after the annual association membership meeting for conversation, laughter and an amazing selection of sweet and salty snacks and desserts.

Sweet n Salty 2014-500

Getting Together for a Fun Afternoon of Bingo

June 22,  2014

- Photos by Michael Hastey

Bingo at the beach 2014 002-800

Bingo at the beach 2014 005-800

Cooking a Great 2014 Memorial Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast. 

A fun time was had by all.



A Beautiful Rainbow Graces the Sky.

May 24, 2014

- Photo by Ali Angerman

Kasson Grove Rainbow 5-24-2014-350

Osprey in the Grove.

A Story in Three Parts

- Photos by Michael Hastey

Osprey in the Grove 2014 006-800

Not happy with the Crow 009-800

Not happy with the Crow 011-800

Spring Coming to Kasson Grove.

The snow and ice are finally melting. (April 2, 2014)

- Photos by Michael Hastey

Kasson Grove Spring 2014 004-1000

Kasson Grove Spring 2014 005-1000

Kasson Grove Spring 2014 006-1000

Sharing the Love - February, 2014

Sharing the Love by Donald Bennedetto

A light sculpture on the beach by Donald Benedetto and the Beautification Committee: Katie Bleacher and Dean Everard

- Photo by Michael Hastey

Many moments are magical in Kasson Grove. 

November 2, 2013 was one of those moments.

Folks watched as the beauty of the morning unfolded.
- Photos by Beth Aviv

Kasson-Grove 11-02-2013 1

Kasson-Grove 11-02-2013 2

Kasson-Grove 11-02-2013 5-350

Highlights from Our Neighborhood Harvest Dinner September, 2013

Photos by Michael Hastey


The first of three turkeys gets carved - Neighborhood Harvest Dinner

Fall harvest dinner 2013 010

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful autumn day.

Fall harvest dinner 2013 002

We all sat at one long table that started at the community pavillion ...

Fall harvest dinner 2013 006

And stretched along the grassy expznse, right next to the sandy beach.

Fall harvest dinner 2013 008

To make sure everyone had a great time, the event was quietly supervised!

Early Summer, 2013

Relaxing evening

A relaxing evening - Photo by Michael Hastey

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