About Us

A Private Community in Litchfield County, CT

Who We Are

Located in Northwest Connecticut, we are a waterfront community that owns the roads, beach, waterfront, beach parking areas and access to the lake via two boat launches. These facilities are for the exclusive use of property owners and residents, their families and guests, and not open for general, public use. The Association is a special taxing district, establish under Connecticut general statutes. This grants the Association the same authority and obligations as other CT municipalities, including the setting and collection of property taxes (see tax rate in note below) which provide the funds to support the enjoyment, maintenance and improvements of the neighborhood. We are governed by a Charter and Ordinances created by the members of the community in compliance with Connecticut statutes.

A Board of Governors is responsible for the administration and management of the Association, elected by property owners and voting residents at our annual meeting in July of each year. Board members are volunteers, donating their skills and interest to the Association. Please contact any of the Board members for more information or with any questions.

NOTE: Property taxes are based on the real estate assessment as determined by the Bethlehem, Connecticut assessor. Our tax year runs from July 1 though the following June 30. Taxes are billed on August 1 of each year and the assessment on record as of the preceding June 30 is used for the calculation. The mil rate is established at the Annual Meeting in July of each year. The current mil rate is 3.9 for 2023-2024 (Fiscal Year 2024.)