Current members of the KGPOA Board of Governors

KGPOA Board of Governors

The KGPOA Board of Governors is made up of volunteers and serve as stipulated in the KGPOA Charter, Article III.

Elected Board Members:

Carrie Schwabacher, President (2024)
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Ruth Hogan, Vice President and Town Liaison (2026)
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Jim Juhas, Treasurer (2024)
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Marshall Goldberg, Clerk (2026)
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Mike Hastey, Waterfront and Plowing (2025)
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Phone: 203-266-6625 or 860-488-1739 (cell)

Evelyn Schwabacher, Waterfront (2025)
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Dean Everard, Beautification Committee (2024)
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Steve Rome, Project Coordinator (2026)
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